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yoga poses for strong core and abs flat belly

If you are new to practising yoga, then you must have realized how important our core strength is when it comes practising these poses.

I never knew how important the core strength is for yoga until I began to practice it.

Although you require your arm and leg strength in yoga, your core strength is more important as it serves as the powerhouse that allows you to control your balance and perform different poses at ease.

These yoga poses for strong core and abs flat belly  will affect different muscles, but the secret is to focus more on your core.

Make sure you engage your core by tightening the muscles in your abdomen.

Always remember to use your core as your source of strength when performing these yoga poses for strong core instead of depending too much on the strength in your arms, back, shoulders, or legs.

Yoga is an effective workout; however, you have to be committed to achieving positive results. I strongly advise you to maintain each pose for thirty to sixty seconds before you progress to the next pose.

YOGA Poses for ABS Flat Belly and Strong CORE

1. Side Plank Pose


To do this yoga pose for strong core you need to start in the plank position. Bring both legs together and move onto your left side then balance your body on the outside of your left foot.

Make sure your legs are straight in this pose and use your core strength for balance. While in this pose, lift your right hand slowly towards the ceiling.

Maintain this pose for thirty seconds then repeat using your right side.

2. Upward (Reverse) Plank Pose


To begin, lie flat on your back with both arms bent a little, and keep your hands a few inches away from your hips.

Lift your body off the ground using your hands and feet, make sure your body is parallel to the ground and your hands are perpendicular to the ground.

Maintain this pose for thirty seconds, repeat this routine for a second and third time.

3. Extended Side Angle Pose

(Utthita Parsvakonasana)

This yoga pose for strong core is usually a transition from the mountain yoga pose and warrior III pose. To do this routine, start in a low lunge then keep your left hand on the inside of your left leg.

Ensure it is completely straight, your right leg also needs to be straight on the ground.

If you find it difficult to reach the ground, you can use a yoga block.

Maintain this pose for thirty seconds, repeat this routine for a second and third time.

4. Cobra Pose


To do the cobra pose, lie on the mat faced down with both arms bent a little above the hips.

Then use your core to lift your body as high as possible slowly, do not use your hands. Ensure your arms are free and light close to you.  During this pose, use your arm strength as little as possible.

Maintain this position for as long as you can, repeat routing for a second and third time.

5. Plank Pose 


To do the plank pose, place your arms directly under your shoulder, make sure they are shoulder-width apart.

Concentrate on tightening the muscles in your core, and ensure your butt and your body stays in the same line while in this pose. Ensure your butt is not below or above your body line.

Maintain this pose for thirty seconds, then try maintaining this pose for 120 seconds.

6. Boat Pose 


To practice this pose, sit firmly on your yoga mat with both legs in your front and your arms behind your hips a little.

Lift your legs slowly to angle 45 degrees, use your hands to maintain balance in this pose. Once you are balanced, lift your hands gently to the outside of both knees.

If you find it difficult straightening your knees completely due to lack of flexibility, you can bend it a little.

Hold this position for thirty seconds, then try holding this pose for 60 seconds if you can.

7. One-Legged Downward Facing Dog

(Eka Pada Adho Mukha Svanasana)

To do this yoga pose for strong core you start in downward facing dog position, then raise your right leg as high as possible. Make sure you are firmly on the ground, then lift your body through the pelvis.

To maintain balance, use your core strength. Make sure your leg on the ground is flat and not on your toes.

Maintain the position for thirty seconds then repeat using your other side.

8. Crow Pose


This is an advanced yoga workout. Thus, you should not worry if you find it difficult practicing it. The more you practice, the easier it becomes. Most beginners hardly recognize that this pose requires both the arm strength and core strength.

You start in garland pose; to do this, keep both arms inside of your legs while in a seated squat pose.

Place both arms on the yoga mat. For beginners, place both knees on the outside of your elbow; for the advanced pose, your knees should be closer to the armpits. Then lean forward slowly, try to balance your body weight on both arms.


Have at the back of your mind that you are to maintain each yoga pose for thirty seconds before progressing to the next yoga poses for strong core.

To achieve effective results, make sure you do all eight yoga poses for strong core and abs flat belly following the order described above.

Repeat all poses for the second time, ensure two-sided poses are performed on both sides –your right side and left side.

You can hold any of these poses for more than thirty seconds as long as you are comfortable.

Yoga requires commitment. Remember that getting on that mat might be a difficult task, but you should not relent.

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Thank you!

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