Yoga As Meditation

​Yoga the traditional way of the sages


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"Yoga As Meditation" is a process of blending with and expanding on what you are already doing, not a process of replacing one with the other. An increasing number of postural yoga teachers and students are exploring the more traditional meaning of yoga practices as methods of meditation and contemplation intended to lead to Self-realization, or enlightenment, awakening to the ever peaceful, joyous center of consciousness which is one with the absolute reality. This course is designed to be an introduction to that process, to the fact that yoga really does mean "union" of the individual self with the universal Self. 

Yoga is a whole life process. Ultimately, there is only one Yoga with many aspects. Meditation is so much at the core of traditional Yoga that meditation virtually IS Yoga.

Who is the target audience?

  • Teachers and students of postural yoga who want to go a step further into the more traditional practice of yoga as meditation
  • Yoga practitioners whose first encounter with yoga has been as meditation, rather than as a physical practice
  • People who already have any kind of background in yoga and/or meditation.
​Yoga As Meditation

Yoga the traditional way of the sages

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