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The Revolution Yoga Anatomy Teacher Training Course

​A next-level anatomy, movement and cueing training to revolutionize how you teach--and attract more students to class!


  • Have a journal handy
  • Yoga Teachers: It's optimal to do this course with a friend or fellow yoga teacher, so you can practice on them during the suggested practicum moments. This is not mandatory--but it helps.
  • Get a yoga mat, a block and any other blankets or props you usually use.


Get ready for hours of mind-blowing instruction from one of the world's top yoga teachers! Sadie Nardini, founder of Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga and lead trainer of the 200 and 300 Hour CSV Yoga Teacher Training Schools, travels around the globe showing yoga teachers and students of ALL styles how to turboboost the power, healing, strength, and effectiveness in any and every yoga pose, every time.

If you teach or do yoga, this course will rock your world too.

Hundreds of yoga teachers who have taken my courses tell me they immediately doubled, or even tripled their class sizes. They go on to lead workshops and retreats and train people at a higher level, increasing their standing professionally and their demand within the yoga community.

After this one course, including hours of fascinating in-class instruction, next-level physics, biomechanics, anatomy training, yoga classes, cueing clarity and feedback, yoga teachers will stop making common mistakes and reversing physics, as nearly all teachers do who are leading classes without the knowledge of our myofascial meridians, what the Core Body actually is (hint: it's NOT the abs!) and how to instruct through the body in the proper order.

Not understanding that yoga shapes sometimes do not align with how the body is actually built to move can cause your students to drain energy, lose strength, compress the joints, feel heavier in the postures, cause injury and strain, and slow their progress on the mat.

They don't know it yet, and they may not even notice you've shifted some things, but you are about to become a much more incredible and inspiring--and dynamic teacher for them. They will come back for more!

This one course will quickly show you how to simply and easily recognize how to re-align students from the ground up and the inside out in every moment and asana, even if you teach a more flowing style.

Whether you teach chair yoga to the elderly, a power vinyasa style, a more static and specific class, or even restorative and Yin yoga, you will find this revolutionary course directly applies to you.

Prepare to skyrocket your knowledge, ability to attract and retain students, and the power to lead big-picture workshops, retreats, immersions and trainings, to reach more people more deeply--and set yourself free financially and professionally.

Let's evolve for the better...together!



Who is the target audience?

  • Many yoga teachers say this one course taught them more than their entire 200 hour teacher training did. It's a super-booster of incredible new information for any yoga style.
  • This course is fabulous for yoga teachers and yoga students of all styles and levels.
  • If you want to understand more fully how your body works (and doesn't) in ways that will surprise you, and be able to gain more mastery in your yoga practice, this course is for you!
The Revolution Yoga Anatomy Teacher Training Course

A next-level anatomy, movement and cueing training to revolutionize how you teach--and attract more students to class!

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