The Lean Lifestyle

​Get ready to transform your body and life over the next 90 days


  • Just download the meal plan and progress sheet then hit play to begin


What if I told you that you could get fit at home and have fun at the same time?   

This course is designed to do just that.

Make this year the year that you actually get fit while having fun, with the Lean Lifestyle! 

This is more than just a course it is a lifestyle.

The purpose of this course is to you teach you everything you need to get fit at home and maintain your results.

This course is designed for people of all fitness levels (Beginner to Pro)

What's included with the Lean Lifestyle:

  • A Comprehensive 13 Week Transformation Course Designed For Weight Loss
  • Professional Instruction From A Certified Personal Trainer And Friend 😉 
  • 20 Minute Full Length Video Workouts You Can Do Anywhere (Just Press Play)
  • No Equipment Needed
  • 90 Day Meal Plan (With Fast Food Options)
  • Weekly Motivational Videos and Support
  • Fitness Calendar To Track Your Progress
  • The Knowledge And Motivation To Get Fit And Stay Fit

Stop making excuses and start your transformation today! I will see you on the otherside 🙂 

Who is the target audience?

  • Anyone who wants to get fit at home or on the go without any equipment

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