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Pilates: A New Body in 30 Sessions

​Transform your body in as little as 3 months: get your body into the best shape ever, improve your health & wellbeing


  • No prior knowledge of Pilates is necessary as the course teaches everything from the basic beginner fundamentals to the most advanced exercises. A mat that will give sufficient cushioning for the spine is necessary and a small towel, a blanket and a yoga block are also useful.


"A few well-designed movements, properly performed in a balanced sequence, are worth hours of doing sloppy calisthenics or forced contortion." Joseph Pilates

This course is summed up so well in this quote. I have seen clients transform their bodies in a few short months by following the complete Pilates matwork sequence. Although the physical changes are astonishing in such a short time, the benefits to their health are equally amazing. Most become more body aware within 3 classes, chronic back pain disappears, energy levels improve, sports injuries are less frequent and clients report that they feel calmer and less stressed.

Anyone can do Pilates: you don't have to be young or a contortionist, so once you have learned the sequence, you have it for life.

  • This course consists of a Pilates Guide booklet in PDF format;
  • 11 hours of videos: workshops, classes for beginner, intermediate and advanced
  • The complete matwork sequence suitable for that level.

The workshops teach the basics of Pilates and so this is where you start and refer back anytime you need a reminder.

The classes teach you all the exercises you will need for the matwork sequence and each prepares you for the next. You should practice each class until you feel comfortable to move on. The sequence should be repeated at least 10 times, every other day. You will then be ready to move on to the next level.

It is possible to complete this course within 3 months for the fit and injury free; 5 to 6 months is achievable for most people.

"In 10 sessions you will feel the difference. In 20 you will see the difference. And in 30 you will have a whole new body." Joseph Pilates

Who is the target audience?

  • Whether you are a complete Pilates beginner or want to further your practice to a more advanced level, this course is for anyone who wants to achieve the benefits outlined above.
  • The complete matwork sequence is perfectly balanced for strength, flexibility and mobility and is excellent for athletes and sports enthusiasts who wish to avoid injury
  • For anyone who finds it difficult to get to classes regularly (those who travel, shift workers, mums with small children for example), this course gives you a complete mind/body workout.
  • Although Pilates is extremely good preparation for pregnancy and recovery, this course is NOT suitable for someone who is pregnant as some of the exercises are contra-indicated.
  • Pilates is excellent for back problems, but not in the acute phase. Acute back pain needs to be treated by a physical therapist first and then the problem can be managed with Pilates.
  • This course is not suitable for anyone suffering with osteoporosis as flexion and rotation are normally not recommended.

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