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How to Weight Loss over 200 Lbs

Do you wake up every day with questions about weight loss in your head?

Has the question; “how to lose weight” found a permanent space in your subconscious because you weigh 200lbs or above?

You may gone about this in many ways without any reasonable success. 

This must have caused you a fortune, and thinking about these unanswered questions can even make you sad, but it is important for us to start over with a clean slate:

What Happened in the Past is gone, only the Present Matters.

Working with our members in the past has made us aware of their experiences; the extreme emotional pain that they go through because of their weight. But the truth remains that:

All that matters is what happens in the present; today. 

Of course you can start playing the blame game, whether it’s on yourself or others, but this can only make you feel good for a little while, and nothing would really change.

Let the present be your main interest.

  • Where is your destination in life…
  • What do you want to achieve…
  • Where do you want to go, what experiences do you want to have…

This is the only thing you can have under your control!  

 Given, it will take some time, but good things take time, don’t they?

Weight loss is a long but attainable process. It gives a great feeling when it happens, but this change doesn’t happen instantly. It may take as long as a year or even more to lose weight.

But you can do it!

A year will go by before you even know it, and if you start today you will be in top form same time next year; which will make you a happier and healthier person than you used to be.

(ONEderland –The feedback from our members when they don’t have to deal with seeing 200+ on the scale again!

If you want to experience the same fast results, you need to follow these 7 steps religiously to ensure that you’re on track at all times.

How to Weight Loss over 200 Lbs

1. Do NOT exercise

Yes! I meant that!!

The role of exercise in weight loss is actually over hyped. It has a very small part in the entire process.

In these recent times, research analyzed the results from adults in 5 different countries that were placed on a weight loss program that focuses on cutting down calories.

They made two groups, and let one group to exercise, and the other not to. 

Surprisingly, incorporating exercise in the program did not show any change or cause any weight loss that is note-worthy.

So, save your energy for the most important thing: WHAT DO YOU EAT.

What you eat should be one of your highest priorities.

Indulging in exercise at 200+ pounds has a lot of repercussions; weakened joints, causes cravings, etc.

Also, you don’t want to start with, and focus all your energy on exercising on this long journey to weight loss. 

It is okay to take walks every day, or do those very easy things that helps you achieve general wellness, but trying to do any difficult exercise would be very taxing and virtually impossible to keep doing on the long run with this much weight.

Until after several months, when your body has “gotten in the groove” of things, and you have been able to check what you eat, then you can include exercise in your routine.

2. Do NOT obsess over Calories

This is amongst the biggest mistakes that people that are 200+ pounds make; they make Calories their center of interest.

Why is this a mistake?

Here’s why. There is a possibility that your hormones are critically affected by the excess fat in your body.

Excesses in cortisol, estrogen, or deficiencies in testosterone or insulin resistance and several other elements are possibly taking a toll on your body.

So when you lay too much emphasis on your calorie intake, it may not hasten the rate of your weight loss. Sometimes, you won’t even notice the least change.

For this stage “dieting” has a totally different meaning and must be followed up in a style unique to this amount of weight, and not like for every regular person of average weight that exercises regularly and counts calories.

Nourishing your body should be your major focus. (more details below).

3. Do NOT do the "small changes" approach

A lot of articles that are put out there on this subject are wrong. They propose a lot of minor changes, which translates to minor results.

Over time, it has been discovered that militant diets always defeats standard diets. People that lose weight in the course of the first 2-4 weeks of their dieting always experience the greatest loss results in the year that follows. 

Hence, hastily losing weight will affect your entire weight loss process in both the short-term and long-term. The cold turkey approach has been found to be the most productive plan. 

When you lose weight fast, you become encouraged to keep going on with the process. It gives you that extra push that is needed to stay the course. 

It sets you off on the right foot. You need this motivation to get started and to keep the overall weight loss process going.

4. Heal your digestive tract

There’s a possibility that the huge amounts of food intake has caused a lot of harm to your body’s gut bacteria and reduced its nutrient absorbing potency. As a result of this, your body is unable to process foods appropriately when you start eating right.

The best part is; it is an incredibly easy process to heal your digestive tract.

You can do this by taking in apple cider vinegar as well as good probiotics supplements every day.

The body possesses healthy gut bacteria which will make your flora better again, and also refine the way you take in food. 

5. Learn to fall in love with high-quality protein

In reality, the majority of people who are 200+ pounds take in very little amounts of protein.

Taking in more protein will help tame the habit of overeating, because once you take in these high-quality protein, you don’t have space for any other food.

Pluck up the courage, try it! We have made a list of some proteins, try to take in 200 grams of those, and you will notice that you feel very full and this is healthy because you’re still taking in very low calories.

We encourage you to incorporate foods like lean chicken breasts, salmon, whole eggs, and grass-fed beef into all your meals.

6. Do a Month-Long Carbohydrate Detox

Too much carbohydrates is another major cause of some of the hormonal problems the body encounters at this weight, and insulin levels are affected for the most part.

There’s a big possibility, as high as 90%+ that the body would become insulin-resistant.

Carbohydrate intake at this period should be reduced drastically. 

7. Drink Lemon Water EVERY MORNING

Lastly, drink lemon water every morning. This is amongst the easiest healthy habits you can inculcate, and it comes with lots of advantages.

Besides being very easy to make, this drink makes available a lot of nutrients that are very important to the body. It is important that you make your lemon water off a real lemon and not lemon juice from concentrate.

The procedures are easy, squeeze ½ of a lemon into a cup of warm water every morning, and use a straw while drinking it to avoid it from eroding your tooth enamel.

How to Weight Loss over 200 Lbs

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