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How to Fast Weight loss if you Weigh 200 Lbs or more (10 incredible tips inside) 

In this article, we will provide a guide to fast weight loss for people who weigh 200 lbs and above. We understand that you may have tried to lose weight through different ways and failed, but this guide is designed to fit the specifics of your weight, thus success is assured. 

From gut health, to the amount of carbohydrates that you consume, and also exercise, there are several other factors that are responsible for weight loss. 

Read the questions below, does any of them apply to you?

Do you think you have exhausted all the weight loss plans that exists?

That regardless of the diet you use, there are no permanent results?

Each day you step on the scale, you watch the numbers increase without having the power or control over it…

You hold a perfect picture of your dream body in your head, but none of the plans that you have tried has worked out well. 

You want to know why?

This is as a result of your perspective on weight loss.

It’s emotional!

It’s a lot deeper, it extends beyond the bounds of just mere data and calories.

Thinking about it too much can even make you cry.

Then again, let’s focus our attention on the solution rather than the problem.

What is your goal?

Relax, take a deep breathe, then imagine the progress that you can make in one year using the RIGHT plan, and following the correct weight loss tips.

  • How will your “new” body look?
  • How will your “new” weight feel when you stand upright?
  • The most important question is; how will your weight loss affect the way you live, and what you think of yourself?

In all honesty, you have a lot of new life experiences, and a lot of reasons to live for.

All you need to do is to focus your attention in the right direction, and also make yourself available to us, we will do everything in our ability to help you win this war against weight loss.

 We’ve garnered a lot of experience from working closely with above a thousand clients that weighed beyond 200lbs and have successfully walked them through their weight loss process using our powerful weight loss tips.

1. You're a Snowflake.

Your weight loss process cannot be similar to that of a 20-something…

This is very true!

And there’s no single lie in it. 

Surprising but true, a lot of women out there use fast weight loss plans and use weight loss tips that are made to fit the needs of a girl within college age whose goal is to lose just 5 pounds...

Come on! 

What you need is a plan and lifestyle that is designed specifically for YOU!

2. STOP spending your time taking very long walks and exercising!

It is a commonplace to see weight loss tips and plans these days that suggests that you run a lot, jump a lot, or engage in one other strenous exercise or the other. While this is happening, we’re watching from the sidelines with utter dismay.

With your current weight, it makes no sense to exercise, because you are prone to a lot of risks.

From joint overuse, to an increase in cravings which would eventually land you in more weight.

It may interest you to know that a lot of our clients did not do any of these exercises for even a day, because exercise plays a very minor role in weight loss.

As a matter of fact, recent studies carried out by Current Biology took 322 adults of 5 seperate nationalities through a weight loss scheme which focused on calorie reduction.

These people were split into two groups; one group for those that performed exercises, and the other for those that didn’t.

Surprisingly, including exercises showed no major impact on the calories burned or the weight lost.

Even if a few changes were noticed, there were not significant.

Focus your attention on the diet, rather than engaging in some “P90ExtremeJumpingFactor” program.

Don’t freak out just yet! We also love exercises and recognize its numerous benefits it will have on your health in the long run.

You can include exercises in the future, but first you need to work on stabilizing your hormones and fixing your bad dieting habits.

3. DO NOT leave out the EMOTIONAL aspect associated with Weight Loss.

A lot of our clients have had a hard time deviating from binge eating as well as emotional eating.

As a matter of fact, Dr. Michael Mantell from Greatist discovered the 5 adverse effects that arose from either binge eating or emotional eating. 

they include; Stress, depression, peer pressure, anxiety, and dopamine.  

When you begin to take these things seriously, you will begin to record success, and achieve fast weight loss.

The aspect of emotional eating can be fought against by talking with a good support group or people who you see as your support system.

Take steps to make sure they are in a community that is able to help them. This is very critical to the entire fast weight process, and it has proven to be very effective.

The next on our list is...

4. Stabilize your insulin level, do a DETOX

Let’s set our facts straight.

We love carbohydrates as much as you do!

Of course there are pleasing to your taste buds, but the only issue is that you weigh 200 pounds or above. There’s a big chance that you’re insulin resistant.

As a result of this, the carbs that you happily consume are more or less very dormant; they don’t convert to energy, so they remain unprocessed.

Metabolic resistance, diabetes, and pre diabetes are also linked to this.

You REALLY need a carbohydrate DETOX.

Totally eliminate the carbs from your meals for at least a month.

After your hormones start working as they should, and your body is back to working effectively, you can start eating carbs again.

Your body needs this detox, because it will cause to reset and this will make your weight loss process a lot easier.

5. YOU are probably leptin resistant.

The Leptin hormone is responsible for providing the brain with these notices:

  • I’m full, I can’t take any more food
  • I’ve got to burn some calories, let’s get some exercise.

You may begin to think: Why don’t I have such a “kind” hormone that gives me these pieces of informmation?

On the contrary, you have this hormone in you, but it is not functional; it has been blocked because of your insulin resistance.

For this reason, we advise you to commit to a healthy diet plan first, you can pick up an exercise routine after all the natural processes gets completed.

A way to work on your leptin level is by reducing your intake of carbohydrates, and step up your intake of lean protein as well as vegetables.

6. Heal your leaky and inflamed gut.

Another point to consider if you are 200 pounds or more, is gut inflammation.

It is a possible cause of the difficulty you’re experiencing in losing weight. The worst part of it is that your leaky gut will cause your body not process the foods that you take in, even if there are healthy.

The good news?  It is relatively very easy to heal your digestive tract.

The first step is to cut out foods that affect your gut health negatively, these foods includes; sugars, processed foods and flour. After that, consume probiotics; this will help the healing process of your gut. 

Drink apple cedar vinegar every day, and also consume good probiotics supplement.

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7. Walking is SO underrated!

The effects of walking are amazing, and are very essential to weight loss.

  • It improves the rate at which your body burns fat – Walking is an easier and less strenous form of exercise, it is not as taxing as jogging and the likes. As a result of this, you will burn just fat and not deep into your glycogen stores.
  • It improves your posture. – People that walk have a lesser cortisol level as compared to people that don’t. Cortisol, also known as the stress and stubborn hormone that prevents fat from burning. 
  • Increases blood flow. – Good circulation of blood around your body is critical to general wellness. If your health becomes better, you are then able to lose weight faster.

Walking may be challenging to some of you because you have issues with your knee or hip.

It’s fine! Just do your best.

The next point on our fast weight loss tips for people that weigh 200lbs or more is…

8.  Don´t count your calories.

This is a system that is favourable to bodybuilders who want to put on 5% of body fat, or personal trainers that are looking to tone their bodies in order to show off.

If you weigh as much as 200 pounds, this will NOT work out well for you, you will end up even more frustrated.

This is owed to the damages that your hormones have experienced, such as; Insulin resistance, high cortisol, and leptin resistance, etc.

You may want to know what happens when you start counting calories. There is no significant weight  loss, and other times, there is no weight loss at all!

This lack of results will totally crush your enthusisam, because you have been eating less without losing any weight.

Focus your attention on getting quality foods in, rather than counting calories.


Scientific researches has shown that militant diets are a viable option as compared to standard diets.

People who lost a lot of weight within their first 2-4 weeks, notice the most weight loss the next year.

Hence, it is a more efficient way to lose weight, because it keeps you motivated for the bigger weight loss task that is ahead. The way that has proven to be most effective is the cold turkey approach.

  • If you lose fat fast, you buy into the idea even more, this will help keep you motivated. 
  • It helps you see the big picture amidst all the struggles associated with your weight.

Your weight loss results will keep you going...

If you want fast results, make use of a program that works fast!

10.  Love Yourself!

If you’re able to accept and love yourself the way you are, while working hard to get to your weight loss goals, the easier it will be for you.

If you fail to take good care of your body, you have failed to love yourself.

Trust the process, accept the point where you’re currently at, then work towards where you want to be.

Invest time in yourself.

Try to stay happy and healthy at all times, these are the best things you can do for yourself, and both are free!

If you enjoyed this article about how to fast weight loss tips if you weigh 200lbs or more, kindly leave a comment if you want more information or have further questions!

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how to lose weight fast with these 10 Fast Weight Loss tips if you Weigh 200 Lbs or more

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