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How To Lose Weight Fast - 5 key steps to fast weight loss

If you have the correct information, and apply the right methods, only then will you be able lose weight fast with ease.

It is very possible to lose as much as 7 pounds after a week! We have helped our clients achieve this feat countless times.

It’s quite surprising how a lot of people still think that the slow approach is the best approach to weight loss. They often reinforce this belief by saying that a slow approach translates to a healthier and more natural process.

This is a big misinformation. Besides this, several fast weight loss guides that are put out there are not as effective as they are depicted to be. Allow me to introduce this one to you...

You may have seen a lot of exercises and all what not, but they are 5 steps that assures fast weight loss. Task them as unbreakable principles that you must live by to achieve fast weight loss.  

Once you stop following these principles religiously, you will notice a decline in your results which will go on to affect how fast your weight loss process happens. But if you live by these principles, you’re assured to lose weight fast.

Why do we find fast weight loss preferable to "the slow and steady way" ...

1. Once you begin to see results, you will want to see more results in the future.

The most recent science has proved that militant diets record more success over standard diets.

This means that people who lose a huge amount of weight during their first two weeks into their dieting will experience an even greater weight loss the next year. Thus, a faster overall weight loss process.

The long and short of it is that when you lose weight fast, it affects your whole weight loss process and helps you achieve your long-term goals.

2. It keeps you motivated.

It is a commonplace for dieters to switch between 3 or more diet plans yearly, and only a minute 1% or even less will see the results that they desire.

 Obviously, people want this change, and put in efforts to get the body that they desire but most times the deal-breaker is that they are not motivated enough to see this process to the end.

The reason is clear and excruciating. 

It’s utterly discouraging to weigh almost the same and not have any noticeable change after fighting through 3 – 4 days of intense workouts on treadmills and sticking to a diet plan.

This is also the cause of diet failure.

It comes without surprise why just 1% of the people that start a diet plan complete it, and have very little or no change to show for all the work and time that they invested.

It has been discovered that if you lose weight fast, you will be motivated to lose even more weight.

3. There is not a single story of someone who died trying to achieve fast weight loss, but there are countless stories of people who died from overweight.

Recent results have reported over 3 million deaths that arise from obesity annually.(source).

However, no one has ever died because they tried to lose weight.


The dangers of being obese are outright dangerous.

So, it is baseless to say losing weight fast is not healthy.

Mayo Clinic also acknowledges that, with the best practices, fast weight loss has no adverse effects, it is effective and very safe.

It’s time to let go of all your fears about losing weight fast, this is because it is safer and more effective than how people depict it. There are 5 steps that are crucial to this process, and will help you get quick results! 

1 - Undergo a full carbohydrate detox.

A lot of people leave out the most critical aspect that guarantees fast weight loss. 

You need to put your body through a full carbohydrate detox.

A lot of people start off on the wrong foot; they count calories, they begin to eat lesser than their bodies requires.

As aforementioned, this “slow but steady” approach that a lot of people apply to process of weight loss inhibits success. Then again, most people that take this road are unable to see it to the end, because of lack of motivation to continue.

For this reason, the detox would be very useful (take a look at our carb detox diet, this plan will give you a full knowledge of what you will eat).

A carbohydrate detox would naturally cut down your calories, which will cause your body system to force out the excesses of water weight that it might contain. Doing this, you will experience a weight loss of about 5-6 pounds within your 7 days of dieting.

 A major health benefit is its ability to decrease your insulin levels and make your body responsive to carbohydrates once you begin to eat them again.

You may feel a little “off” or experience slight headaches for a couple of days. This occurs naturally as a result of the detox process.

2 - Get good sleep.

A major secret that will help you lose weight fast is sleep, high quality sleep.

This subject always gets very little attention, maybe the least. But its advantages are overwhelming. They include:

  • You are more aware of your eating decisions. 

People that get their complete 7-9 long hours of sleep at night have shown more responsibility, and are able to have a healthier lifestyle. Somehow, the cravings are cut out and as a result of this, they are able to eat healthier.

  • Your hormones will function better.

Your hormones need a lot of time to recover, and these things happen mostly in your sleep. When you get less sleep, it creates a hormonal imbalance, and the cortisol content of your body is skyrocketed.

  • Every serious disease is related to sleep deficiencies.

 Ranging from being over-weight to tragic heart failures, getting less sleep is linked with a lot of heinous diseases.

Me and Verônica always struggled to have good night sleep until we find out the solution to our problem!

The solution is quite simple, lets take a look:

  • Sleep in an entirely dark room.

 Total blackout is what you need when you sleep, if any part of your body is visible; there’s too much light. 

  • The room temperature should encourage sleep. Your room temperature should be at most 68 degrees.
  • Stay away from electronics at least 1 hour prior to your bedtime.

The most you should before bed is read your kindle with the night mode, but any other electronics and their lights will throw your hormones off balance, and it’ll become difficult to fall asleep. 

  • Don’t use the bed for anything other than sex or sleep.

Use your bed for its purposes only, don’t try to do other things like watching a movie on your computer, if you do this, the quality of your sleep will be compromised. 

NOTE: If falling asleep is difficult for you, you may be suffering from a hidden issue; example, your diet.

What’s next on our list is the food you eat…

3 - Eat PLENTY of proteins mixed with Low-Carb veggies that are cooked with quality fats.

At this point, you’ve to a great extent reduced your intake of carbohydrates and you’re getting 7-8 hours of sleep daily.

What then should you? Right question!

In the course of your detox, you need to consume as much protein as you can in every meal.

You should consider foods like organic eggs, beef from animals that feed off grass, and salmon because they are rich in protein. 

A means of getting your proteins up in a case where you don’t eat meat, you should consume high-quality whey protein. 

Make sure to use good quality fats such as; extra virgin olive oil or organically made coconut oil while cooking these foods.

That you’re trying to lose weight fast or generally achieve some weight loss does not mean you should totally cut out fats from your diet, because they play a vital role in stabilizing your hormonal levels and enhancing blood flow.

Lastly, every meal should contain vegetables that have low carbohydrates, some of them include; asparagus, brussels, sprouts, broccoli, romaine lettuce, spinach, etc.

4 - Engage in anaerobic exercises as often as 3 times every week AFTER your Detox.

Many people that want to lost weight fast overlook this step, and yes! You guessed right! It’s noteworthy.

A lot of people are victims of this critical mistake. Once they begin their detox process, they include a lot of cardio and mile runs, with an ultimate thought that they are burning more calories.

You shouldn’t do this, here’s why:

  • You lack the willpower. Totally changing what you consume; your diet is enough trouble for you. Adding an intense workout routine makes it tougher, most time too tough for you.
  • It is possible to lose weight in the absence of exercise. Over time, it has been scientifically proven that it is possible to lose weight without the aid of exercises. 
  • The after-effect of mile runs is cravings, because glycogen is lost. This is not rocket science, the harder you work the more glycogen you will use up. Also, long grueling workouts shoots up the level of cortisol in your body, which will raise the level of your cravings, as a result of sugar depletion.

You should include exercises at the end of your detox process.

It is recommended that you get back to your exercises as soon as you begin to consume carbohydrates. This must be done to avoid a medical condition known as down-regulation of metabolism.

What happens is that the rate of metabolism in your body slows down as a result of a reduced quantity of food that you are taking in. Once you pick up an exercise routine and do it 3x every week, you will get your body back on track. (study)

There are lots of anaerobic exercises, we highly recommend these two types:

  • Engage in fat Burning through Yoga as well as Specialized Circuit Training.

With this type of exercise, you’re able to keep your body’s metabolism at par. Besides that, your body is able to develop lean muscle tissues, and also burn much more calories in the right way.

you can check the program  veronica did, she fat burn 10lbs in 4 weeks! its called Yoga Burn for Women and many of our members used it with with excellent results,

5 - Pay attention to the quality of the food that you eat.

Most times, it’s not about the number of calories that you consume; of course this matters as well, but people often tend perceive food differently and cease to pay attention to the bigger picture of:

  • What does my body stand to gain when I consume this food? 
  • How will my body feel after 5 minutes?
  • What will be the effect 5 hours later?
  • Does the food contain the nutrients that are required by my body?
  • Will I be full or satisfied after I eat this food?
  • Will it make me crave more after I consume it?

Lay your emphasis and place your focus on the benefits you stand to gain if you eat a specific kind of food and the feeling you derive from it, you’ll naturally drift from eating a lot of unhealthy stuff.

Without a doubt, French toasts have an amazing taste immediately they are consumed, but the lethargic feeling that arises from the sugar crash 2 hours later is not nice.

It leaves you with cravings which forces you to slip off your diet plan.

Focus on eating quality foods, rather than foods that gives your body a good feeling!

Improve your intake of wild Atlantic salmon, lean organic chicken breast, vegetables and fresh fruits.

If you’re able to follow these rules, you will lose weight fast, and your entire weight loss journey will be easier than the usual.

Now, it would not be thoughtful of me to forget this point:

From detox to all the principles, if you’re following these rules and heeding to the advices and still don’t notice a change in your weight, it would have to be your calories, count it!

After your carbohydrate detox, you should experience a significant weight loss. If you don’t see any changes, then you will need to count your calories.

It’s simply as a result of the quantity of the food that you eat.

You may be eating more than your calories even when you’re eating just fresh veggies and protein. This is rare, but it’s not impossible.

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How To Lose Weight Fast – 5 key steps to fast weight loss

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