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How to lose 10 pounds in one WEEK without Starving

Almost everyone doubts the possibility of losing 10 lbs in a week.  However, the reality is that this is possible, although it depends on the diet you consume as well as your body system.

The primary aims of every diet are; ensuring that the body stays healthy, and achieving a better body image. No one would start a diet because they are bored or interested in a food adventure, and even if they do, they are not anywhere near here.

Most people assume that diet involves starving.  Thus, any goal they set on the foundation of diet can only be achieved by starving themselves.  However, this assumption is wrong.  If you ever find any diet that requires you to starve yourself, such diet is most likely ineffective.  Ideally, diet entails eating properly and treating your body the right way – nothing like starving yourself before getting the best results.

The famous ‘expert’s opinion’ holds that the most you should lose in a week is one to two pounds.  This is not entirely right; because your body can shed more than two pounds with the right diet.  In fact, up to ten pounds can be lost in your body in a week when you follow the right diet plan.

This might sound far-reaching, but, the diet plan described in this piece can help you lose up to 10 pounds.  Perhaps this is not universally correct – because not everyone that applies the plan will lose 10 lbs, especially individuals with very little body fat. But if you are the type that engages in poor eating habits, and is consequently overweight, you can get rid of excess fat quickly, just by going on a carb detox.

How to lose 10 pounds in one week

Perhaps you are thinking this is only achievable by shrinking or microwaving your whole body? Well, that is not true. The essential prerequisite here is your willingness to change your eating habits and including some important factors that instill the right mindset in you.

While this may seem boring, it is actually not, and here is what you need to do.


The urge to get a snack once you get out of the bed can be powerful.  However, for this to work, you need to shelve these kinds of urges.  Before you consume anything at the start of every day, drink a glass of lemon water.  You can make lemon water by squeezing lemon into a glass of cold water. 

Where possible, do not eat anything else for the next 30 minutes, thus giving the lemon water enough time to do its wonders.  The lemon water consumed works by initiating a total body detox.  With an empty stomach, it will be more effective in getting rid of any toxins present in your system.  Detoxing doesn’t come any easier, right?

Taking the lemon drink also improves your metabolism significantly and fast.  Almost all weight loss programs highlight the importance of adequate metabolism to getting rid of excess weight.  When your body burns food more quickly to produce energy, you stand better chances of losing weight fast.

Make the lemon drink your first of the day, and your body will be ready for whatever the day holds!

Breakfast Proper

Fruits are next, as they are known sources of sugars, which is distributed evenly across your body on consumption.  Your body system is still considerably empty and fresh. Thus, it will be easier for the sugars to move around instead of accumulating in some parts.

You can also include nuts, to provide some amounts of protein.  The importance of protein to the weight loss process cannot be overemphasized.  They help in burning fat and adding lean muscle mass. 


Your lunch should be more of protein.  Protein is the priority here because your body uses it as energy and at a fast rate, rather than storing it as fat.  Once the protein has been used up, your body will be forced to burn fat to produce energy.  

Bread should never be an option here – although this might be impossible, adhering to it is important.  Bread contains a high amount of carbs, which is what got us here in the first instance. By reducing the carbs you consume, your body will produce less glycogen and ultimately less fat.  Isn’t that the goal?

If you really have to take carbs, then you can consider vegetables – they are known sources of healthy carbs.  You can incorporate vegetables into your diet, and subsequently into your system. 


Almost everyone looks forward to the mid-afternoon snack, and the usual is either chips to candy bars.  However, if you are serious about getting rid of excess weight fast, you must avoid chips or candy bars as snacks.

For this diet to be effective, your snack must be more of a fresh spinach salad, garnished with some olive oil.  Thinking of going for some regular salad dressings? Well, they appear enticing, but they are not healthy.  Most salad dressings contain more of fat than you can see at the surface.  So, for your salad to pass as healthy, it must be light in ingredients, and the dressing must be minimal.  


Dinner is the last meal for the day, and the best time to have it is two to four hours before you go to bed.  Anything earlier than this will upset your sleep pattern, and your body will end up retaining the bulk of your dinner. 

It is also important that you keep your dinner light.  An ideal dinner would be almost as light as a snack – a green salad garnished with two hardboiled eggs.  This dinner is a good source of the important proteins and minerals needed to lose the excess weight in your body.

The temptation to snack on something while waiting for your bedtime can be really strong.  But you must never give in to it.  Your body doesn’t need such unhealthy snacks.  Another bright side is that the diet only takes seven days.  Once this period is over, you can eat whatever you want, provided you have no problem adding the lost weight.

Post Dinner

It doesn’t end at dinner.  After your dinner, take a liter of green tea.  Is a liter too much? Well, such volume is to ensure the best results.  To ensure that you finish it, start drinking once you are done with dinner, instead of taking all right before bed. 

The benefit of green tea is unlimited.  However, for this course, the antioxidants it contains will clean your system – the same way the post-breakfast treat of lemon water did.  The tea increases your metabolism rate, such that you burn fat even while sleeping.  

Losing weight during sleep might seem like a superpower, but it is not.  In fact, it is something everyone can do, just by pushing the body to do it through the right diet.


Achieving the goal here, i.e., getting rid of 10 pounds in 7 days, will not come easy.  The desired result will only be achieved when you are disciplined, i.e., developing the mental strength that will help you get through the difficult periods where you feel like backing out.  If you can survive these trying times, you will definitely lose weight. 

There is the need to continue with the prescriptions of this program even after the seven days.  What happens if you don’t? All the weight you lost will be gained, just as fast as they left in the first instance.

So, be focused and disciplined, and you will be amazed at how many pounds you will lose in the end.  

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How to lose 10 pounds in one WEEK without Starving

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