Herbal Medicine – Make herbal remedies with confidence!

​Learn how to transform an herb into an effective medicinal preparation with the help of an expert medicine maker.


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Creating and using herbal medicines and remedies is an art that has to be learned from an expert teacher. Our herbal medicine-making course provides you with an opportunity to learn from an expert and teaches you the following skills:

Making herbal preparations such as –

o   Tinctures

o   Infusions

o   Decoctions

o   Oils

o   Salves

o   Poultices

o   Syrups

o   Homemade Kefir

o   Smudges, etc.

·       Terminology associated with herbal medicine making

·       Equipment required

·       Proper drying, storing and use of herbs

·       Correct application of herbal preparations

·       Using a Menstruum Ratio Table to make tinctures

The course enables you to make your favorite herbal remedies that you can trust completely. It provides you with a new hobby and a way to make some extra money by selling your unique preparations.

Who is the target audience?

  • love to cook
  • creative
  • love nature and want to learn how to create medicines with natural ingredients

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