​Our Detox Diet Food List shows which foods will help you the most when trying to purge your body of stored toxins without negative side effects. These foods nourish the body while helping your detoxifying organs and immune system function at optimal levels.

​In today´s post we are going to share the following food list:

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    ​Fats & Oils
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    ​Detox Adjuncts
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    Toxic Foods to Avoid




​The healthy fat avocados contain will get your bile levels up, helping to get rid of toxins that have been stagnant due to low bile production.

The fiber in avocados helps carry these toxins out, and the assorted vitamins and minerals insure your body doesn’t suffer during the process.


​​One of the healthiest oils you can use while on a detox, coconut oil is so nourishing that there’s even an entire detox diet based around it.

It provides medium-chain triglycerides that give you energy to burn, and is great at killing bacteria and fungus from inside the body.


Compared to the oils used in commercially produced foods, olive oil is an absolute champion. It contains antioxidants so it will actually improve your health instead of tear it down. 

Be sure your olive oils is extra virgin cold pressed and organic so you’re getting the highest purity.



​Coconut milk makes a great stand-in for regular milk, so you can remain dairy free on your detox but still get some healthy fatty acids in the form of lauric acid.

This is a substance found in mother’s milk, and still does the body good even as adults.


​​Unlike cow’s milk, almond milk provides you with fiber so it makes a great milk replacement when you’re trying to rid yourself of toxins.

You’ll not only be getting a milk that’s completely lactose free, so it’s easy on the digestion, but also unsweetened to avoid added sugar.



Green tea is revered for its high antioxidant content, and these come in handy on your detox so your body can safely pass toxins. 

The EGCG in green tea is known for its weight loss benefits, but here we’re more interested in its ability to protect the liver while it filters out unwanted substances.


Like green tea, white tea is minimally processed so you’re getting a host of antioxidants that are otherwise stripped from processed teas. 

In addition, white tea can help kill of bacteria, viruses, and other internal parasites that can bring you down and over the long term can impact your health.


​Sleep is a detox aid that you simply can’t ignore, and you’ll want to make sure you get to bed early when detoxing.

Chamomile can help soothe your nervous system and relax you into a state of sleepiness, while also calming your digestive system so it can reset itself while you sleep.



ACV is great to add to a few glasses of the water you drink each day, helping with digestion and adding its life-giving enzymes to the body.

Be sure to go with organic raw apple cider vinegar that still contains “the mother”.


Unlike regular iodized table salt and the industrial-grade salt found in processed foods, sea salt helps to nourish the body and keep your fluid levels balanced.

It promotes healthy blood sugar levels as well as blood pressure and is encouraged while detoxing to help you feel your best.


You want to be sure your body is getting all of the nutrients possible while you’re detoxing, and spirulina can help fill in any nutritional gaps.

As a supplement you’ll find it in powdered form to easily add it to smoothies or soups. It is full of antioxidants and protein to help sustain you through the day.



​Alcohol taxes one organ that does so much good for you on your detox: your liver.

Cut out alcohol while while providing it with essential vitamins and minerals from the detox foods above and it will heal itself over time.

You’ll soon notice more energy and vitality as your liver improves its important functions.

​2 - ​SUGAR

​Sugar is a toxic substance, and one that you’ll want to abstain from for the most effective detox.

This can be one of the hardest things to avoid while on a detox, but it will make the biggest difference overall.

You may even notice some withdrawal symptoms, since sugar boosts dopamine levels, similar to some illicit drugs.


​Stay away from anything processed and make all of your detox meals and snacks yourself using wholesome, natural foods.

This includes anything packaged by a publicly traded corporation in a grocery store, as well as fast food, chain restaurants, and restaurant food in general.

​4 - DAIRY

​Dairy products may have some benefits, such as calcium and protein, but you can get these nutrients from non-dairy sources.

Diary has no fiber and many adults have at least a mild digestive sensitivity to it, and for the purposes of detoxing it just doesn’t serve you.

​5 - MEAT

​Meat contains zero fiber and makes your digestive system work extra hard to get it out. You can get the protein and minerals that meat provides from vegetable sources while on a detox.

 Going meatless for your detox gives your digestive system a break and allows you to get more toxins out.


​While often thought of as a health food, there’s enough evidence that points to processed soy products being toxic to the body.

They can make it harder for the body to absorb important minerals, which is counterproductive to what is needed while detoxing. 

This is a time when the body needs to be fully nourished.



Stick with healthy oils while on a detox, and avoid unhealthy oils like vegetable oil, canola oil, soybean oil, and of course anything hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated. 

This is why you’ll want to avoid processed foods because almost all of them are made with unhealthy oils and other toxic ingredients.


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