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What is Clean Eating for beginners

Is eating clean really that hard? And what exactly is clean eating?

A diet devoid of empty calories is the basic definition of a clean diet. It is very similar to a detox diet.

Foods and food products containing excessive fat and sugar produce empty calories when eaten. They also offer little in terms of nutritional worth.

All it takes to ingest a 250 calorie meal is as simple as eating a bar of snickers chocolate (source).  However, consuming 250 calories from eating a plate of scrambled eggs (four to be precise) is a whole other deal (source).

Eggs are filled with protein-24grams, healthy fat-20 grams, chlorine, healthy cholesterol-850mg, antioxidants- lutein, no sugar and no carbs (source). 

Clearly, one food contains nothing but delicious tasting empty calories which cause blood sugar imbalance, raises your aging hormone level, produces insulin that leads to inflammation of your internal organs and adds no nutritional value than increasing fat deposits in your body (source). 

But the other one is packed with nutrients, antioxidants and quality healthy calories.

Now ask yourself, which is more likely to increase your health value?

Substituting quality food and food products while removing saturated fats and sugar that cause inflammation within your system is the standard way to eat clean and healthy.

Avoiding inflammation is the end game and consuming acidic foods such as sugar sets off internal organ inflammation and messes up your metabolism.

This puts the immune system at risk thereby leaving vulnerable to disease. Removing inflammatory foods from your diet plan and consuming mainly healthy food is highly beneficial to your health as well as increasing your longevity (source)

8 Super Tips and Fixes for Clean Eating for beginners

1. Adjust your Carbs

The main nutrient responsible for producing glucose in the human body is carbohydrates. Like in the instance of the eggs and snickers bar we gave, every carb source does not have the same effect on our system.

Making the decision to eat quality tubers like sweet potatoes, rather than white potatoes; staves off inflammation while giving your body its daily fiber requirement.

Choose whole grains instead of processed flour as the former contains lower Glycemic Index (GI) than the latter and also offers lasting energy for the whole day (source).

2. Minimize your Sugar

For a lot of people, this is an absolute necessity

The desire of the body for sugar, salt and fat is due to the endorphin reward it receives after satiating the nervous system’s craving for dopamine. 

This means that we become slightly addicted to this inflammatory trio. 

Cutting them out of your diet totally may even seem as if you are removing a source of happiness from your life.

The feeling of constantly craving these things reduces after going without sugar, salt and saturated fats for some days. You will also start to feel less hunger pangs through the day while your level of blood sugar reverts to baseline level (source).

3. Eat more Fruits and Vegetables

For a healthy diet, Vegetables and fruits are imperative due to their fiber content which cleans your system and gets rid of food blockages and build-up within your intestine.

This greatly improves the level of your daily energy. Additionally, diets that are high in fiber lower the chances of colonic as well as intestinal disease arising (source). 

Fruits are known to be nature’s primary energy source. Some exotic fruits in addition to particular berries have been proven to contain remarkable antioxidant properties.

Avocados, kiwifruit, blueberries as well as several others are loaded with essential vitamins, clean energy and antioxidants that fight disease (source). 

What is Clean Eating for beginners

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4. MCT Oils are good for you

Another part of implementing a healthy clean diet and also an aspect that requires more efficient attention is the type of fat found in your diet.

Many empty calories which lead to increased inflammation and acidity are produced from the use of bad oils while cooking. It is this sort of saturated fat supply that we run far away from.

Totally discontinue the use of oil while cooking, instead steam, grill or bake your food. Make use of quality long chain or medium triglyceride oils as food dressing and a way to add some extra healthy calories.

Other great oils to use as on dishes such as baked salmon or as salad dressing are olive oil, flax oil and coconut oil (source).

5. Lean Protein is the better Protein

You also need to stay clear from saturated animal fats in order to achieve a clean diet.

Another type of fat to avoid in the pursuit of a clean healthy diet are saturated fats from animals.

It is absolutely necessary to choose the proper protein sources which are free of saturated fat. Some of these sources are chicken, whole eggs, powdered whey protein, tuna (the light meat type) and salmon.

Take all dairy and red meat out of your diet as they are major sources of saturated fat. Eat lean for a clean diet. 

6. Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol is packed with empty carbs which results in system inflammation so it should be kept away while you’re cleaning up your diet. Your liver breaks down the alcohol to sugars that wreck the same havoc as the snickers bar. 

However, an occasional drink, if you must, won’t hurt as long as it’s just one. 

7. Drink lots of Detox Water and Herbal Teas

Water consumption is critical for an improved health but due to its provision of extra nutrients, detox water has more benefits. You are more productive when your neural, muscular and skeletal systems are appropriately hydrated (and protected by extension).

Water improves your metabolism and keeps things functioning. 

A great way of improving your water consumption as well as ingesting some super potent antioxidants is by drinking lots of green tea through the day. 

Generally, tea aids digestion, in addition, green tea contains huge amounts of polyphenols GCG, ECG AND ECCG.

These antioxidants help in improving metabolism, immune function and eliminating free radicals out of the bloodstream (source).

8. Preparation is IMPORTANT

Without a preplanned diet plan that you can follow religiously, then it would be incredibly difficult to keep your focus, which makes eating clean even harder.

If you have a set plan, you’re one step in the right direction, preparing a plan will help you stay the course, and keep you devoted throughout your journey.

5 Health advantages of Clean Eating for beginners

A lot of health benefits are tied to eating clean. It is normal that you will long for the sugary foods that you are used to eating in the first days, but once you become used to eating clean, you become active, vibrant and energetic.

The following are 5 advantages of clean eating.

1. Fat Loss

Eating clean diets takes out all empty calories that exist in your diet. You’d be surprised to see the drastic reduction in the size of your waist, just four weeks into clean eating.

Owed to reduced inflammation, your body will experience an increased metabolism rate, and also maintains your blood sugar level (source).

2. Increase in Energy Levels

Owed to a reduced inflammation, the production of free radicals is lessened, then a feeling of more energy follows as a result of increased metabolism. Also, you won’t need to sleep a lot, and those sugar crashes that you experienced in mid-afternoons would become history (source).

Think of it as a means of labor division. If your body works overtime to repair the damages triggered by toxic substances, it becomes less energetic, and cannot generate enough power to carry you for the rest of the day.

When these toxic substances that cause your body to waste its resources are non-existent, your body is able to produce more energy.

3. Cardiovascular Health

Eating foods that contains less saturated fat and purified carbs improves the condition of the heart, and makes it healthier. When you eat clean, you lower  bad cholesterol level, Low-density lipoprotein (LDL) that is contained in your blood lipid profile, and at the same time, raising the levels of good cholesterol, High-density lipoprotein (HDL).

Research has shown that the leading cause of death in America is due to stroke and heart attacks. These days, there are lots of foods with preservatives in the typical Western diet, if you care about your wellbeing, you should cut out these foods and make the switch to a healthier diet, like clean eating.

4. Anti-Aging

The strongest hormone in the human body is insulin. Once you take in sugars or processed carbohydrates, your hypothalamus sends a signal to the pan crease to produce insulin. Immediately, it enters your bloodstream, and this results in inflammation, and the production of undesired fat.

Insulin oversees the entire aspect of skin aging. If you are able to reduce its production, your skin will look more attractive and wrinkle-free (source)

5. Prevents your body from diseases and helps in Detox

A great means of ridding the body of free radicals is by eating clean. These toxic materials affects your health negatively. When you eat clean, you rid your body of these toxins, build a stronger immune system to help fight diseases (source).

NOTE: Pay attention to the number of calories you consume

Getting a full knowledge of the number of calories that you take in is critical to eating clean. You don’t want to overeat, take in just enough food that would carry you for one day, and your health would be better. 

Your calorie-number is dependent on the energy required to carry out your daily activities and your target weight.

If you intend to lose a few pounds of weight, then you should eat 300-500 calories less than your daily requirement.

How to begin your journey to clean eating for beginners

The aspect of planning a clean diet is very interesting. Start by looking at your body as one that has gathered a lot of waste throughout your lifetime.

This accumulation of waste puts a barrier between you and an optimal biological performance.

Detoxifying or cleansing your body can flush out all these waste from your digestive pathway, which makes starting a new diet easier.

Increase your mealtimes to 6-8 meals per day, with at least a 2-3 hour interval between each of them. For breakfast or when you workout, concentrate on carbs. The other meals of the day should contain lean proteins as well as quality fats.

A perfect example of a clean meal is one that contains detox smoothies that are produced from good fruits and power powders. 

Try a banana, pineapple or peach smoothie, in combination with moringa leaf powder to give it that tasty green look.

For your lunch, eat more leafy green salads mixed with healthy MCT oils and nuts. Then, you can eat lean tuna steak baked with lemon juice with a few drops of olive oil.

To create a balance for people that cannot totally stay away from fast food, schedule a cheat meal one time every week. This will help keep your metabolism very active, and also keep your body in check (source).

Is it difficult to do Clean Eating for beginners ? 

According to the popular adage that says “nothing good comes easy.” It may be very difficult to cut out all the “rubbish” you may have been eating and start eating clean. 

Nevertheless, a time will come during your journey to eat clean, probably in the 6th or 7th week, where you will want to try a cheat meal. 

Immediately you eat that nice burger, notice how your system reacts.

The excess saturated fat, sugar and gluten will be detected by your body immediately. You will notice a rise in your blood pressure, heart rate, and sometimes, this is accompanied with some sweat.

After about thirty minutes, it feels like someone forced a hard stone down to your stomach.

At this point, forget about the biological reaction, and begin to remember those times when you enjoyed eating these kinds of food, paying no mind to the effect it had on your health. 

What is Clean Eating for beginners

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Final Words

It may not be a fancy, romantic or even trendy to practice clean eating, but the health benefits are overwhelming.

Clean eating for beginners puts you in the biological ‘frame’ to live a long, healthy, and energetic life. All that is required is a little commitment, and a definitive plan which you will follow religiously till the end.

Clean eating for beginners may be difficult, but once you cross the mental hurdle, it becomes easier. As it is often said; no pain, no gain, so why the wait? Take the first step now.

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What is clean eating for beginners

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