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What is the best weight loss diet plan: Detox diet vs low carb diet

How can we define a detox?

Up to a thousand results or more pops up immediately you input these words in any search engine on the internet. Some of these results recommends detox diets, and several others advise against it. This leaves an average dieter in total confusion, as to which way they need to go. 

Not leaving out all the countless pages that advertises products or diet plans. All these pages and products are available on the internet. Also, they promise a total body detox upon usage. This can be very overwhelming. 

Detoxification refers to the general act of using a supplement or diet to rid the body of toxins. The term can be easily misconstrued, and wrong information on this will lead to terrible results, and will possibly harm you. This article will give you all the information that you will need, and help you achieve your desired results.

As you go on with this article, you will gain deeper understanding of what it means to “detox“ and with this knowledge, you will easily get it right with your  detoxification process.    

Firstly, there is no evidence that supports the notion that using pills, powders or several other supplements would totally rid you of toxic substances without any adverse effects, or dietary change. Generally, if you are perfectly fine in health, and eat a healthy and balanced diet, they will have a fully functional livers, GI tract, and kidneys that rids the body of these toxins naturally.    

This naturally occurring process doesn’t have to be induced by any supplements or artificial products.

Most of the products that are available in the market today, are just laxatives, which often results in dehydration or something even worse in other times. Be cautious when taking a detox diet together with tea or your pill.

These products may help you shed off some pounds of water weight which will make you feel less bloated. This gives you a feeling of contentment, which makes you feel like you are losing a lot of weight. Then again, because these products make you feel better about yourself, you can easily go overboard with it. Using only cleanse-type supplements, without cutting out on your intake of fatty, fried or processed foods is a no-no.   

If you go that way, you are doing it totally wrong.

When you make changes to your diet, it should be with the primary goal of improving your health, and generally building a better body system that would be.

So, how can you get it right?

The naturally occurring detoxification process that goes on in your body is both involuntary and continuous, however, this process can be hampered by diets which contain huge amounts of saturated fats and processed food.

What is the best weight loss diet plan: Detox diet vs low carb diet

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Detox Diets

The proof favors a “detox style” diet immensely, but we are hesitant of using this term, owed to the bad notion that is connected to the numerous products that are displayed as cleansers these days.

For a detox diet to be fully effective, it must include water fasting. And this has to continue for a few days, usually 3 days, and then a few whole, nutritious and natural foods should be reintroduced after the fasting.

These detox diets are effective because it gives your body system enough time to carry out a natural detoxification process. This process results in a healthier and happier lifestyle, and produces great results.

We are going to find out what is the best weight loss diet plan , to understand better we will start with Detox Diets.

Perks of using a Detox Diet

Detox Diets May Reduce the Rate of the Aging Process on Cellular Level

An increase in cellular cleanup, which is also referred to as autophagy would be noticed during the fasting period. Recent research continues to reveal the positive effects of fasting with regards to centric diseases including Huntington’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease. These effects happen because the neurons are ridded of toxins during the fast.

Due to these effects, there is a decline in the aging process on a cellular level. Also, cellular damages are reduced.  (Source)

Detox Diets Help in the Control of Satiety Hormones

Fasting can raise human growth hormone (HGH) levels, which in turn speeds up the muscle growth, and hasten muscle repair process.

Also, it causes the body to react normally to insulin, leptin and ghrelin. These hormones are responsible for the regulation of fat storage as well as hunger signals. (Source)

As little as the effects may seem, they have a major role in overallweight management. Also, they can be easily implemented by people looking to lose weight with a detox diet.

With Detox Diets, Your Body Can feel a lot more Active and Focused

Several people go around with the notion that people that go through detoxes and cleanses are inactive and sluggish. There is no need to dwell on this, because the positive effects far outweigh the negatives. An actual detox process changes your diet, and turns you towards a lesser calorie intake from food sources that are rich in nutrients.  

Fasting is accompanied with several benefits. These benefits are mostly felt in aspects of cleansing the body, and overall health improvements.

Studies have also shown that one gets a sense of focus and energy, which is owed to hormonal regulation which is experienced during fasting.

This sense of calmness and focus is induced by epinephrine and norepinephrine, this is also accompanied with a reduced appetite once fasting is practiced for long periods.(Source)

Detox Diets can help you begin your long-desired Weight Loss Journey

Besides the effects on the calorie intake, another perk that is tied to fasting is the secretion of hormones which are helpful in burning fats. Basically, with an increased growth hormone level, and catecholamine, as aforementioned, an improvement in weight loss is noticed, as a result of fat loss.

Catecholamine has a very high potency in the regulation of fat loss in the body (Source). To achieve the best results, you have to adopt a proper detox diet.

Some people says detox diets are still the best weight loss diet plan possible because its the healthier and more balanced.

Detox Diets can help you reactivate your taste buds

Our world today is populated with foods that contains huge amounts of fats, sugars, or salt to make them irresistibly appealing. Eating of these hyperpalatable foods gives you the urge to continue to eat more (Source & source)

Resting from this kinds of food for some time can give the taste buds a refreshing feel. You may notice that after your detox process, the urge for sweetened or excessively salted food would be decreased.

There are some psychological perks tied to Detox Diets 

Besides the obvious physical advantages of detox diets, there are other mental benefits that accompany fasting and ridding your diet of processed foods, even though it is for some time.

Detox diet aids in resetting the hunger cues that has developed in your head, and also rids you of the uneasy feeling of being bloated after eating. Also, it helps to point you towards the right direction on your weight loss journey. 

For a lot of us, it is difficult to differentiate real hunger from the feeling of hunger that emanates from boredom, and that is possibly the most challenging aspect of dieting. Once you are able to differentiate one from the other, it becomes easier to cut down on unnecessary foods, and this will have a long term effect on your overall weight loss process. 

During your first days of “detoxing”, or if you just adopted a detox diet, you may be hit with “toxic hunger”. This term is used to describe the effects of abandoning very starchy and sugary foods. This feeling will go away in some time, and would result in a better weight loss experience as well as an overall improved health. 

A micronutrient diet (foods that are rich in nutrients but relatively low in calorie) alleviates hunger, even though this is in the least possible way. This effect is not only owed to the low calorie that it contains, but also to food quality.

Once you are able to control hunger, you are well on your path to a great weight loss journey, so switching from eating random foods to a low carb diet which is rich in nutrient is very necessary  (Source).

Low Carb Diet

Now we are going to discuss if the best weight loss diet plan is the Low carb diet or if Detox diet may take the lead.

Another widely known “detox type” is known by several names: Keto, LCHF Atkins. Whatever name it is called, it just describes a diet that allows a limited carb intake.

There are several ways of carrying out a low carb diet, from cutting out carbs for a short period of time, or totally adopting it as a lifestyle.

Also, several stages of carbohydrate reduction exists, from a minor intake of 50-100g/day to and very low intake of 0-50g/day, and every one of them has proven effective.

Benefits of using Low Carb Diets

The risk of falling prey to heart diseases is reduced by LOW CARB DIETS

Numerous researches has reinforced the connection between a low-carb intake and heart diseases.

One of the researches had a practical evaluation of above 80,000 women. Participants that used a low carb diet as well as include plant-based protein and sources of healthy fats reduced their chances of falling in with heart diseases by up to 30%. (Source)

In a similar study, the researchers replaced the diet (healthy) of the participants, and stepped up the amounts of protein, fat, and then reduced the carbohydrates macronutrient split. This resulted in lower LDL, which is a bad cholesterol, as compared with the high-carb diet. (Source)

Low Carb Diets Can reduce the debility effects of Epilepsy

Research has shown that diets with a limited carbohydrate intake is highly beneficial to the health.

Examples of such benefits is that it helps with conditions like type 2 diabetes and epilepsy.

Once you starve the body of carbohydrates, or in an event of a reduced intake, the body migrates into a metabolic state called ketosis. Here, the body uses ketone bodies as fuel. This process has been employed in the treatment of epilepsy from the early 1920s.

Considerably good outcomes have been produced in the health condition of the epileptic patients, this can be noticed in aspects of comprehension, attention, activity levels, and endurance. Nevertheless, a couple of side effects were recorded in connection with lacks of nutrients and energy, specifically weight loss, lack of fibre, kidney stones, calcium deficiency, and protein. (Study)

A Low Carb Diet Helps in the reduction of Cravings

Advocates of the low carbohydrate diet claim that because of the satiating nature of dietary fats, it enhances the overall calorie intake, reduces abnormalities in blood sugar all day round, and aids in fat loss by cutting down the quantity of glucose that is used for fuel (Source). This forces the body to use fats as its fuel source.

Although the last point has not been proven and doesn’t hold completely, the other two points have been proven, and its results have been well documented.

Low carb diets will cause different reactions in different people. Several people would react in the opposite, in an event of a decrease in the intake of carbs. They will feel an increased feeling of craving equivalent to the amount of carbs that they cut off their diet. (Source)

 Additionally, athletic performance may suffer with a reduced carbohydrate intake (below 100g/day).

Point to note about Low Carb Diets

For low-carb diets to be the best weight loss diet plan, it needs to be practiced for a long period, and based on several stories, maintaining a low carb diet for a long time can be very difficult.

A recent research by Harvard University on the subject, below 80% of the people that indulged in a low carb diet stuck with their plan for more than 2 years, while up to 90% of those that used a low fat diet which included higher amounts of carbohydrate, used their plan beyond 2 years.

Using the same proportion of 322, the effectiveness is questionable, but it depends on individual response at the end of the day.

Bottom line

Once it concerns weight loss diets, the most important thing is caloric intake relative to expenditure (source). Numerous researches have shown the insignificance of ratios in the discussion that concerns pure weight loss (source).

This aside, both concepts are practically very effective weight loss diets, irrespective of the hype. People that use either of these diets have shown results in slow aging, and also displayed better hormonal responses and muscle preservation.

As usual, the difficulty level of indulging in these diets vary for every individual, some people may easily fast for days, and others would have a hard time doing that. 

It is always better if these weight loss diets are taken one day at a time, constantly looking at today, completing the goal for today, rather than thinking about it long-term. Also, it is always better to select a weight loss diet plan that you can follow for a long time, rather than following the ones that encourage outrageous reductions that would be difficult to stick with for a long time. 

Fasting for short-term, or “detoxing” has shown good results for a lot of people, so go ahead and try it, it may work just fine for you. 

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What is the best weight loss diet plan: Detox diet vs low carb diet

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What is the best weight loss diet plan: Detox diet vs low carb diet

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