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Countless, perhaps even the majority of people will be laboring under a weighty burden of toxins, and their health and fitness may be suffering because of it. Yet there is absolutely no reason for this, except that they have little idea why they are suffering discomforts, or that there exist quite a few relatively simple solutions to do something about it that may relieve or entirely eliminate the symptoms and their causes.

Only in recent years has the notion of toxic overload, and the harmful effect this has on our health been discussed. But the issues go well past the air, water and soil pollution we are all aware about, and extends to the foods we consume, the way we furnish our home, as well as our human relationships.

While a good deal has recently been written on detox, unfortunately there’s a lot of “quackery” associated with it, as well as poor advice that may actually do more damage than good. Also detox programs are often confused with weight loss or anti-aging programs. While they’re related subjects, and there is substantial overlap between all of them, they are distinctively different.

Detox and body cleanse, when properly carried out, can be effective techniques to tackle the effects of unhealthy diets, lifestyles and our environment. In essence, it is centered around helping our body’s own defense systems cope more effectively with the harmful toxins already in your body, minimizing the level of toxins you’re exposed to, and steering clear of introducing toxic stress into your life.

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