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9 simple ways to Weight Loss for lazy people

Weight loss can be challenging

To be sincere, I truly understand how difficult getting up every day and go to the gym can be. Except you are an athlete, nobody wants to hit the gym every single day; even athletes take some days off. 

A vast number of us are just lazy when it comes to our health and physical fitness. You desire that perfect shape but you can’t seem to get yourself doing what’s required or necessary to achieve it.

It really takes some work and who wants to do that?

Everybody has that lazy buddy inside of him or her that we combat each time we come up with the idea of going for a run or hitting the gym.  

You know what they do? They tell us we can do the running or workout later even though we know we are never going to do that.

For some reasons, the lazy buddy wins the battle in a lot of people. It just kind of happens.

For many of us who are finding it difficult to beat hands down the lazy buddy, this guide is a complete guide that will make the lazy buddy think he’s still in control, while you are gradually taking over on weight loss.

Lazy does not mean you should shun putting in some efforts into shedding off weight.

All the listed ways to weight loss you will learn in the following paragraphs require some level of efforts.

9 simple ways to Weight Loss for lazy people

And the bitter truth is if you are unwilling to do the least of these things, then weight loss will be very hard for you regardless of your lifestyle.

1. Reduce Sugary Treats

What got a lot of people who want to lose weight where they are now are carbs. They are so good that we train and trick our bodies into believing they need much carbs for energy, which is why you eat that cookie or grab that soda.

When it comes to laziness, a striking factor is sugar. A lot of people get hold of these sugary items when they have nothing doing simply because they are very easy to grab. They are already packaged and you just don’t have to worry about making them yourself. 

Do you want to know the problems these foods have? The issue is we consume more than enough carbs our body is capable of burning off, and what happens when the body can’t burn these carbs off? They become fat.

Taking a good look at skinny individuals who take junks and you just wonder how exactly they pull it off, I will tell you. This is because their metabolism works like flash to burn through a lot of things. 

That stopped working for me when I hit 30.

You will lose track of time when you hit your lazy mode and you won’t even know you are only flying through the candy.

After taking piece and after piece, the next thing you see is your stomach feeling like it will detach itself from your body.

This kind of feeling can be avoided; you do not really need to put yourself through that.

Without shying away from the fact, I know the laziness has become part of you already, however, it’s crucial to concentrate on how much you put into your body.

It’s not necessary that you completely cut off the sugar, but you should put a limit on how you consume sugar if you want to see changes in your life. 

You don’t have to crave every time, and if you want that piece of cake badly, eat it. However, try to stop with one; don’t be tempted to take another piece. 

Reduce your sugar intake gradually and you will get to a point where you do not need to take a piece of candy every day.

My weight was over 200lbs when I was 30 years. It was annoying, frustrating and since I’m a computer nerd, I enjoy sitting at my desk to work. I knew I would not build muscle or burn fat through exercising.  Here‘s what I did, I made a note of all the bad carbs I was taking and I cut them off.

I shook off 3lbs in just three days. Not a biggie but it sent the right signal.

2. Eat With Small Plates

It can be tempting to eat to your satisfaction when you are eating lunch or dinner or any meal. And the thing is since we do not want to wake in the middle of the night looking for what to eat; we are likely going to fill up the plate with food. To put an end to this, try as much as possible to use smaller plates.

What this does is it helps you take a small quantity of food. And since you take small quantity, it means fewer calories and in general, this will translate to eating less food.

In addition, what your mind will process is you already had a full stomach when you look at the plate.

Your stomach will react when you behold the food reducing in your plate, which will look like you have consumed a full plate. Well, somehow you did it’s just that the quantity is way smaller. 

When you eat with small plate your psychological outlook concerning the food you are about to eat changes. On top of that, eating with small plate will help you lose weight in a lazy way. 

Some people have this philosophy that in as much you consume the right thing, you are at liberty to consume as much as you feel like. Well, that may be true; however, you can’t consume 14, 000 calories per day and expect not to gain weight. 

3. Clean Your Teeth

This tip makes a lot of sense if you try although it sounds weird.

Brush your teeth after having your meals. Immediately you finish the last portion of your meal, brush your teeth.

The reasoning behind this is that nobody likes the taste of food after they brush their teeth.

This little practice will help you cuff of that burning desire of wanting something extra like a snack after meals. 

It’s not like you truly need the extra food, it’s just something that is there for convenience, but it’s an easy trap to fall into. Try as much as possible to avoid the temptation of dessert after a meal. 

Nobody wants to brush their teeth multiples time after a dinner. It feels like it’s a difficult thing to do most especially those who are considered lazy; however, it’s something that does not really take much time. 

4. Short and Sweet

This will likely scare some lazy individuals, but it will do a lot good than harm – in fact, no harm at all.

Perhaps you hate the idea of doing some workouts, but you still need to do something. My point here is not that you will go to the gym for an hour workout of heavy lifting and all that, what I’m trying to say is you can actually do a hassle-free ten minutes workout.

Now, for you to see significant results, you will need to push up the ten minutes. It does not really have to be from ten minutes to one hour, but maybe to twenty minutes or a bit more. However, since you are reading this lazy guide, my guess is you are unlikely to take your workout to a higher level – at least not yet. 

If you look well there are a lot of workouts out there that you can do in just ten minutes. And the thing is you may not necessarily go to the gym to do it, they can be done from the comfort of your home.

This is just to get your heart rate up a little bit than it is now and to ensure your body is functioning the way it should. I’m sure you don’t want a situation where getting up the couch will be like climbing Mt Everest.

Just think about this, all that is required is just ten minutes. It’s not even up to 1% of the 24 hours you have in a day. You may be a lazy person, but I believe nobody will be too lazy to the point where sparing just ten minutes of their time will be difficult. 

10 minutes is not even up to four songs. If you listen to four songs a day, you can still do the same while you do something active that will benefit your health. 

5. Just Breathe

If you are someone like me, you worry so much perhaps due to stress or anything. This might be a huge factor to amassing unwanted body weight. 

The way to end this is to stop worrying. It might be easier said than done, but you can still do it. 

By engaging yourself in some deep breathing sessions, you can reduce the level of your stress and anxiety.

You can try meditating although it may seem something you would not naturally do, but it’s a good relaxation tool.

And it can be for five to ten minutes, it does not have to be a long time. 5 minutes is not too much to relax and get your mind in a peaceful place. 

Positive thinking is also another important factor that will alleviate anxiety and stress. For a lot of people, just by thinking positive they will have a lighter mood, their mood will change. There is a power in positive thinking that should not be underrated.

Without mincing words, the craziness and troubles going on in the world today are more than enough for people to have anxiety and worries. For this reason, you need to keep your mind healthy in order for your body to replicate it.

6. Slow it Down

Back to food-related tips! This is related to the small plate tip.

Although some of you may be lazy but when it comes to eating food, you are Speedy Gonzalez. Among your friends or family, you are always the first to drop the plate, you finish up the food before your friends eat half of theirs.

This looks like you are not really savoring your food. It’s a great idea to sit down, relax and enjoy your food. Would you eat like a speed demon on a first date? I bet not. So don’t eat like you wouldn’t on your first date.

Anytime you want to eat, take your time. Slow down and savor every bit of it. Make yourself feel like you are really enjoying the food you are eating.

Aside from the fact that you will likely enjoy your food a lot more, you will also eat less food. Not rushing your food makes your body think it’s getting full very fast. Your brain needs 20 minutes a day to process if you are full or not. So, eating slowly will help.

7. Turn the TV On

This is for people who go to the gym and hardly do something.

When you get to the gym you only do a few exercises and you pack your stuff heading home.  Here is my advice, instead of counting reps while exercising, try to watch TV instead. 

The magic here is your attention will be on the TV and you would naturally be doing more reps, which allows you to have a better workout. 

Before you even realize what’s happening you have done more exercise than you would without watching TV. Losing your spatial awareness can be easy while watching TV without losing focus on your exercise.

8. Gum Is Your Friend

This tip ranks among the best in my opinion. 

Chew gum. This can help you curb your appetite or help you take away your mind from food. 

Chewing gum such as Orbit or 5 Gum will be very helpful because they last long and they will help you curb your appetite for food completely. Those cravings that lead to taking excess snacks will reduce. 

It’s very ideal to stay away from excess snacks. 

In addition, the gum also helps you curb wanting those every time sugary treat. When getting the gum, ensure to get the gums that are sugar-free. This does not really play a vital role; however, it will help your body.

9. Alcohol Isn’t Always Your Friend

Some of you may not find this tip appealing; it’s likely going to be difficult for some you. Why? Because it’s alcohol.

Saying that hurts me a bit.

For most of us, alcohol can really be fun, but it hurts the body and even losing weight becomes a lot difficult. Yeah, I know alcoholic drinks are processed differently; however, the effects on your body are the same.

Alcohol makes it so your body stores fat. It helps your body maintain its fat. It does not help with any fat loss.

When you take alcohol, it’s like a fuel in your body. And the thing is before your body will start burning off anything else in your body, you have to first burn off the alcohol. 

You get some cravings for foods that seem like fat on a plate if you have ever been out drinking for a couple of times like me.

There is something I’m not completely sure about when it comes to night drinking. You are most likely to feel like taking nice juicy burger or a pizza at the need of the night. 

The bad news is losing weight will be impossible if this is something common for you.

Here’s the good news, you do not necessarily have to completely relinquish taking alcohol. However, it must be taken with modesty just like every other thing in our lives. Moderation is a tool that helps keep us in check. 

You Need All the Help You Can Get

The above tips are just to help you pass through some of those times you feel like doing nothing. It’s nothing dramatic although a change in lifestyle is required. It’s something you can perfectly pull off. 

If you are determined to make a change but you are not fully ready to take the bigger step, try these tips because they will usher you into a healthier lifestyle you desire.

Enjoyed 9 simple ways to Weight Loss for lazy people

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9 simple ways to Weight Loss for lazy people

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