Do you want a diet plan to help you to improve your skin,  provide you some clean energy and lose some weight in the process ? If YES! grab this FREE Detox Diet Plan.

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5-Day Juice & Green Smoothie Detox For Weight Loss

​Try a plant-based diet cleanse for effective & rapid weight loss, more energy, vitality & healing - in less than a week!


  • You will need to have either a basic blender/smoothie maker or juicer and will need to be prepared to buy inexpensive fresh fruits and vegetables for the 5-day detox.
  • You will need to be prepared to follow the detox diet for up to 5 days.
  • You don't need any prior knowledge or experience, all materials and directions are in the course.


When you want to start losing weight and eating healthily, the best way you can prepare your body and mind for slightly smaller portions, eating more nutritious foods and to experience fast, encouraging results is to do a short detox. Most detox programmes are between 3-10 days but 5 days is the sweet spot for achieving great weight loss and energy results but also staying motivated and making it possible to fit around your busy life. This course aims to guide you through a practical, realistic, safe and enjoyable detox that you can use time and time again to give yourself a quick health boost and lose a few fast pounds. How would you like to be thinner, healthier, brighter version of you, in just 5 days time?

Lose 2-5lbs, Have More Energy and Brighter Hair, Skin & Nails In 5 Short Days

When you make the decision to take the 5-Day Juice & Green Smoothie Detox for Weight Loss you can rest assured that you’ll be eating 100% clean, nutrient-rich, alkalizing foods, which can help you experience some remarkable health and beauty benefits: It is one of the most effective ways to achieve fast and easy weight loss (many people have dropped a dress size!) and to kickstart a longer weight loss programme - helping you to fit back into those smaller, nice clothes you have in your wardrobe to feel good about yourself.

At the end of the course, you can expect to have lost 2-5lbs in weight and you can also expect to feel more energised, have more mental clarity and focus, brighter and shinier skin, hair, eyes and nails and to feel pretty great about and being in your own body.

Also, you’ll be giving your body the best nutrients and building blocks for regenerating and healing any health niggles or chronic issues.

The 5-Day Detox Is...  

  • Exciting and affordable – You’ll get a real taste treat over the course of the detox. Plus, everything you need for the 5 days is easily bought locally and is inexpensive.

  • Uniquely satisfying – Unlike other smoothie and juice detoxes, it also includes some solid foods so you get the satisfaction of actually eating food. You’ll feel full and satisfied with steady blood sugar levels.

  • Alkaline balanced for maximum detox benefits.
  • Nutritionist created and approved – Created by QualifiedNutritionist - me, Laura Wilson and approved by my associate who holds a Masters Degree in Nutrition and is a Personal Trainer, Performance Exercise Specialist and Corrective Exercise Specialist. The whole detox diet and recipes has been nutritionally balanced – packed with all the vitamins, minerals, protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats that your body needs to thrive.
  • Ice cream! Unlike any other detox plan, it includes delicious non-dairy and super-healthy ice-creams and mini-snacks.

Full Meal Plan, Shopping List, Juice & Smoothie Videos & Daily Motivation Video To Help You

The course guides you through a super-healthy plant-based (raw vegan) detox programme for the full 5 days and you’ll be consuming 7 ‘mini meals’ per day - a combination of juices, green smoothies some other solid foods.

Unlike most other detox programmes which allows you only to have liquid meals, you’ll also be having delicious ‘ice-cream’ smoothies, cut raw vegetables and little healthy indulgent treats as well, which will help you to stick to it and really enjoy your detox.

You get a 24-page 5-Day Detox eBook will full meal plan, recipes and shopping list. You also get 5 daily motivational videos which guide you through the day, what you can expect and how to complete the 5 days and really thrive and enjoy them. You are also welcome to ask questions and seek support in the course members area.

Whether you're new to plant-based eating or a hard-core health fan, you can experience great benefits from this simple and short detox programme for a boost in your health, vitality and weight loss.

Who is the target audience?

  • Anyone who wants to kickstart their weight loss and lose weight rapidly
  • People looking to detoxify their body
  • People wanting to experience greater natural beauty
  • Anyone wanting greater energy and better mental clarity
  • Sports people wanting better performance
  • Vegans who want to upgrade to raw vegan for the health and weight loss benefits

5-Day Juice & Green Smoothie Detox For Weight Loss

​Try a plant-based diet cleanse for effective & rapid weight loss, more energy, vitality & healing - in less than a week!

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