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4 Reasons why women should never use weight loss pills

Losing weight is a difficult task.

There are stories of people all over the world going on diets with the aim of achieving weight loss (especially in the United States as a result of the beauty standards set by society)

Studies have shown that 85% of the people trying to lose weight do not use the standard weight loss techniques and treatments.

Using weight loss pills or diet pills, appear to be the best option because it seems to be a much better alternative to all the energy, dedication, stress and hard work required to gain a fit healthy body.

Open your mouth, pop a pill and that is all.

Sadly, the harsh truth is that using weight loss pills does not produce the effects exactly as it is promised and this is why…

First, how can we define weight loss pills?

    There are hundreds and thousands of different weight loss pills/products in the market. They are produced in different forms. Many of these pills are made from natural ingredients while others are chemically produced. Weight loss pills can be purchased from pretty much every health food shop in your locality or ordered through those late night infomercials.

    These pills usually promise to take care of your weight by doing the following:

  • Burn fat faster.
  • Reduce appetite
  • Decrease the body’s absorption of fatty nutrients.

What is the FDA´s take on weight loss pills?

Hundreds of products have been discovered by the FDA to have hidden active ingredients under the guise of being dietary supplements. These ingredients found in these diet products were the same as the ones found in banned drugs or several compounds that humans do not have a complete knowledge about.

These hidden ingredients that were found in the drugs has been reported by the food and drug administration (FDA) to cause fatal side effects, including heart diseases, seizures and many others.

The FDA in February, 2014 withdrew various weight loss pills including Burning Bomb, Super Fat, Slim Xtreme and Slim Easy (source).

Basically a healthy lifestyle cannot be replaced by swallowing a pill and doing so would only put your health at risk due to its grave side effects.

Risks of Taking Weight Loss Pills

1. Packed with active ingredients:

A large number of weight loss pills are made up of harmful ingredients which usually lead to eventual health problems and complications.

The withdrawal of many diet pills from the market by the FDA was as a result of finding stimulants, diuretics and antidepressants among their ingredients.

Also, the amounts of these ingredients are usually way beyond normal medical standards; meaning the consumer is clueless about what exactly is being taken into their body and its possible side effects.

Although natural weight loss pills may seem like the lesser of two evils, the presence of these synthetically spiked pills as an alternative are still a source of worry due to their reputation for causing cardiovascular problems or even death, in extreme cases (source).

4 Reasons why women should never use weight loss pills

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2. Dangerous stimulants

A large number of weight loss pills contains stimulants like caffeine, ephedra and any other substances that increase your body metabolism.

Stimulants such as caffeine, ephedra or similar substances are found in most of the weight loss pills available in the market. They claim to serve as metabolism boosters but rather make the consumer irritable, anxious, restless and prone to insomnia.

Consumers who suffer from heart diseases or are hypertensive or allergic to stimulants are put at major risk when they ingest these pills.

It's more advisable to just drink one cup of coffee. This increases metabolism by 11% according to several studies.

3. Naturally made weight loss pills have little value:

If you search for natural weight loss pills on the net, thousands of results would come up.  Although these naturally made weight loss pills seem to have less side effects, most of them really do not help much in shedding weight and those ones that do, have more problematic side effects.

Some of these natural products are: Gluccomanan, raspberry ketones, Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA), regular caffeine pills, great tea extract, or garcenia cambojia extract.

Though they may slightly aid weight loss; most of these products have side effects which includes: bloating, diarrhea or running bowels. Conjugated Linoleic Acid has even been linked to increased inflammation, insulin resistance and fatty liver if ingested into the system over a long period 

4. Money down the drain:

The results gained from using weight loss pills are slight at best, even when the few that are less health threatening are considered.

Green tea is amongst the few examples of weight loss products that has proven effective, and actually burnt fat while keeping the side effects at a minimum. 

 However, the weight loss is still slight and must be followed up with healthy food intake.

Another example is the weight loss pill, Orlistat which stops the absorption of dietary fat causing weight loss in turn.

But it's been shown by a study to have pretty much the same effect as a simple low carbohydrate diet minus the accompanying side effects.

 So you see, it is clearly a futile option.

What is a surefire way to lose weight?

The best way to lose weight is to ditch the weight loss pills and go for consistent manageable diet and lifestyle changes.

Do not put your body through a painful short term crash course diet. Rather you should look at your diet as an insurance plan for future good health, a cushion for existing conditions/ illnesses and prevention against future diseases. Weight loss should just be the “extra” incentive.

Here are some scientifically proven ways to lose weight:

Water is the way: According to findings, Drinking water(mostly before eating food) cuts your consumption of calories by a huge margin. Water is also a metabolism booster (up to 30%).

 Have it at the back of your mind that dehydration often masquerades as hunger.

Protein for Breakfast: A high quality protein (plus good fat in average amount) breakfast is very efficient at filling you, staving off hunger and minimalizing carb/sugar cravings. 

Two eggs, half or quarter baked sweet potato plus half a cup of raw sauerkraut is an example of what such breakfast can be made of .Plus this combination works wonders in aiding digestion.

Coffee Helps: A moderate consumption of coffee can aid weight loss due to caffeine's metabolism boosting property. It is not standard that dieting has to be an excruciating road, and coffee does not have to be cut off as long as it is balanced by healthy eating.

Explore the Magic of Coconut oil: Coconut oil has been found to contain fats that decrease hunger and increase metabolism ,thereby aiding weight loss. You can use it as cooking oil or add it to your smoothie mix or however you wish to work it into your diet.

Reduce your carb sugar intake: High sugar and refined carbs consumption is a well-known road to weight gain. These sugars and carbs

include candy, soda, commercially made baked goods, and most processed/packaged foods. 

Replace these carbs with vegetables, fruits and whole grains and the sugar with moderate intake of raw honey, whole fruit, grade b maple syrup ,stevia and other natural sugars/sweeteners.

Small plate serving: Control your meal portion by using small plates. It may seem ridiculous but it is a guaranteed way to keep your food consumption at a healthy yet filling level.

Chew properly: Thorough chewing of food is very important. Chew your food till it is like soft mush before swallowing, just like our mothers advised us to do when we were kids.

It greatly improves our digestion process and  let's our brain register that we are filled. A tip to help with proper chewing is to keep your fork/spoon down between bites.

Healthy snacking: Hungers leads us to make awful diet choices so to avoid such decisions and its dietary consequences; have a supply of healthy snacks in your bag or at work . Some of these healthy snacks include hard boiled eggs (sprinkled with sea salt ), serving size bag of nuts, sliced vegetables or fruit, a Larabar and so on.

Weight Loss Pills are not the answer!

They can never substitute a healthy diet and they also come with very risky side effects.

 Starting out on a healthy sustainable diet/lifestyle can certainly be difficult and demanding but it is mandatory for good health and its results are infinitely rewarding 

Weight loss is rarely ever a fast process but a quality healthy food based detox plan will lead you the right way.

4 Reasons why women should never use weight loss pills

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4 Reasons why women should never use weight loss pills

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