21 Day Sugar Detox, Metabolism Reset, and Body Reboot

​End sugar addiction and finally start losing weight


  • No weights or gym memberships required
  • A scale and measuring tape to track your fat loss
  • The desire to change your life for good!


No matter how much or how often to workout, you will never get the results you desire if you don't change bad eating habits. Bad habits and cravings are all because of one thing: SUGAR ADDICTION. 

I am a type 1 diabetic, personal trainer, nutrition coach, and a professional fighter. I'm making my 1-on-1 process available to everyone online in hopes I can help as many people live the life that they truly deserve! 

  • You will learn exactly what foods to eat and what to avoid to maximize your results. 
  • You will NOT be hungry, in fact many people find themselves actually eating more than usual as they see daily weight loss! 
  • Most people see a weight loss of 5 - 10 lbs and a loss of 2 - 4 inches from their belly in the first week.
  • You will learn which fruits and carbohydrates are the best choices.
  • You will learn a simple technique to boost your weight loss and improve your overall health.
  • We will build upon the previous week to so that you continue to get you into the the best shape of your life!

Beyond the program: Once you've achieved these amazing results, I'll give you even more valuable information to ensure you maintain your new body, and continue your success. 

  • You will learn how to break through plateaus 
  • What exercises to choose moving forward
  • Plan for travelling and eating at restaurants
  • The supplements I rely on for overall health and fitness
  • A list of resources to continue your nutrition and health education


Who is the target audience?

  • This course is for those who are truly exhausted with struggling to lose fat
  • Individuals that have a low to moderate amount of experience exercising on a home workout program
21 Day Sugar Detox, Metabolism Reset, and Body Reboot

End sugar addiction and finally start losing weight

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