Do you want a diet plan to help you to improve your skin,  provide you some clean energy and lose some weight in the process ? If YES! grab this FREE Detox Diet Plan.

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14 Day Ultimate Detox and Yoga Course!

Get fit and cleansed, energetic and toned in way less time with this incredible 2-week program!


  • You can look through the first few day's recipes and pick up any items at your local healthy grocery store that you will need to make them.
  • You'll need a yoga mat, and form-fitting clothing. No shoes or socks necessary!
  • Get a cute journal in which to write your thoughts and epiphanies each day.
  • Clear a mere 15-20 minutes a day to do the workouts, which are fast but happen daily days 1-6 and 8-13!
  • That's it! We're good to go. Can't wait to join you on this adventure!


Are you ready for the quickest, most exciting and empowering cleanse and yoga practice you can do--in so little time you'll be overjoyed to see fast changes and a new healing lifestyle emerging--and I'm about to save you so much time, money and energy while you make awesome shifts in your life. It's time, so:

Get ready to rock your body to the next level in the easiest possible way, starting today!

I'm Sadie Nardini, one of the world's well-known yoga and authenticity trainers, and I'm here to guide you through 14 days of simple, but super-effective action steps to help you look and feel amazing in just two weeks.

You're busy. We're all busy. No one needs more work added into their lives.

Luckily, this program will seamlessly and smoothly fit into your schedule. You'll get tons of results without spending hours in the gym or cooking. I made it so effortless for you to make the changes you seek, and even if you're feeling great, this course will give you the extra boost you need to feel even better. What's better than that?

I have honed the exact techniques that, in literally minutes a day, will move you out of fatigue, excess bloating and weight gain, or any plateau you have reached in your fitness or personal growth.

You are are about to have so much fun doing it too.

Now let's rock your new fit, fierce and fabulous lifestyle together!

See you there!


Who is the target audience?

  • People wanting a real-world, really easy cleanse, yoga, inspiration and lifestyle improvement program that fits into a busy schedule.
  • Yoga Teachers and other wellness professionals seeking fresh inspiration and tools to offer their students and clients
  • Anyone who wants to lose weight, is feeling toxic and bloated, is often fatigued or wants to just give their healthy lifestyle an extra boost!
  • People interested in learning more about yoga, anatomy, and how to move more efficiently to gain strength, core strength, flexibility, power and stamina--with less strain than most classical styles.
  • Fitness buffs and yogis who want to incorporate cross-training moves that really amplify cardio, calorie-burn, muscle strength and tone, hormone optimization, whole inner body detoxification and fatburning.
  • Those looking for some inspiring new recipes and ways to think about creating with food, to get back to or support a living foods diet that tastes delicious, but takes only a few moments for each recipe. It's fun!
14 Day Ultimate Detox and Yoga Course!

Get fit and cleansed, energetic and toned in way less time with this incredible 2-week program!

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