Any time you mix kale with pomegranate you are doing a huge service to your body and your well-being. The antioxidants in the pomegranate will help battle free radicals, and the kale provides fiber, protein, and phytochemical. Additional antioxidants are found in cranberries, with a pear added for sweetness. The use of mint gives this a fresh taste, and they say you can add stevia, an all-natural sweetener until it tastes good to you.

Festive Cranberry, Pomegranate and Kale Detox Juice:

A refreshing, naturally sweet and nourishing juice that combines some key produce of the season, with just a hint of optional mint for an additional festive touch.


4-6 large leaves kale, as you like (add more for more detox properties)
1 cup (240 ml) pomegranate arils (from one large ripe pomegranate)
1 cup (240 ml) fresh or frozen cranberries (if frozen, allow to thaw a bit before juicing)
1 pear, cored
one knob (about 1 inch or 2.5 cm) fresh ginger, peeled
6-12 leaves of fresh mint, optional

stevia, to taste

Place ingredients in juicer one at a time (I reserved the pomegranate seeds for the end, as their high fiber content pushes out anything else left in the juicer mechanism), strain if desired, and serve immediately. Makes 2 servings.

Suitable for: ACD Stage 2 and beyond, sugar-free, gluten-free, grain-free, dairy-free, egg free, soy-free, nut free, vegan, low glycemic.